Retail theft is a major issue during economic hardship. Shoplifting, employee theft and fraud cost North American businesses over $43 billion in 2007, according to the Center for Retail Research. But this doesn’t have to happen to your business.

H2A’s camera systems for retail locations provide:?

  • Remote video monitoring, allowing managers and business owners to monitor one or several stores simultaneously from any location with Internet access or from smart phones such as the iPhone. This enables quick and simple monitoring while on vacation or away from a certain location on business.?
  • Increased employee productivity when surveillance is installed, resulting in better customer traffic flow and better customer service.?
  • Fraudulent claims can be effectively disproved with the help of recorded video, which can easily be saved for years in convenient MPEG4 format.?
  • Cameras can be linked to electronic cash registers, ensuring accurate product sales and allowing business owners to easily find any fraud or employee theft.?
  • Deterring in-store crime provides for a safer environment for both customers and employees. ?

A properly implemented camera system from H2A Systems instantly deters theft, and helps you catch and prosecute crimes that happen in your store.

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