Modern school facilities can use video surveillance systems to promote a much safer learning environment for students and faculty, resulting in true learning. Getting there is easier that you might think.

H2A camera systems for schools provide:??

  • Alarm triggering for stairwells, teacher-only rooms and other restricted or limited access rooms. Alarms are triggered by real-time motion detection, and can notify teachers or security personnel immediately.?
  • Constant recording features can detect events in a school that would otherwise go unresolved and undetected, such as students leaving a campus area or vandalizing property.?
  • Infrared illumination allows for night monitoring, preventing late-night and early-morning vandalism of school property.?
  • Different areas of a school can be monitored by an administrator via Internet and iPhone. Sports, plays, and other student activities can easily be broadcast to parents and other students.?
  • Older videos can be easily and inexpensively stored with MPEG4 technology.?
  • Deterred vandalism and theft allows school administrators to focus their time on other problems and activities.

Violence, drug use and vandalism are major issues for school administrators across campuses nationwide, and can quickly overrun a school without any type of surveillance or security monitoring.

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