Hospitals and medical offices need consistent and accurate video surveillance to operate safely. Health care facilities are at a consistently high risk for break-ins, theft of prescription medication, tampering and fraudulent claims.

Our surveillance options for hospitals include:??

  • Real-time motion detection to trigger alarms, allowing quick response times by security personnel when a patient or visitor enters (or leaves) a limited or restricted access area.?
  • Constant recording allows employee mistakes and other events to be monitored, detected, and resolved.?
  • Infrared (night vision) illumination allows 24/7 video monitoring in any area.?
  • New video compression technology allows videos to be saved in convenient, small MPEG4 format, allowing older security videos to be easy to find and inexpensive to store.?
  • Streaming videos can be broadcast over the Internet to computers or iPhones, allowing medical staff to act decisively in criminal or health emergencies without being at the location of the event.?
  • Video surveillance tools integrate with third party applications to detect, deter, store and replay criminal activities, health care mistakes and other events.

The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that hospital workers are more than four times as likely to be assaulted on the job as employees in other industries. Video surveillance protects employees and the hospital itself, and can be implemented very discretely.

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