How it Works H2A

Ajna 720 Camera

H2A’s Ajna 720 captures and delivers both high and low resolution images. The camera acts as a server, allowing you to directly connect to it to view your authenticated live streams.


The router is a network device that facilitates all of the connections that are delivered to the camera. The router will detect the location of each installed camera, allowing for the live stream to be propagated to the specifications of the client.

PC with recording software

A computer will have video management software running on it to record a hi-definition stream that is being delivered from the camera.

Notebook with web browser

A laptop with a network connection and a web browser can connect to the camera and will be able to view the live stream. The user will be able to monitor the activity that is taking place from where the camera is installed.


A camera viewing application will be installed on your iPhone. When activated, this application will request a live stream, allowing the user to view the live video captured by the installed camera.

H2A makes it simple for you to remotely monitor from anywhere you’ve got an internet connection.

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How our System Works

Simplicity. Business owners are having to work harder than ever to sustain ongoing viability of their companies. We understand that it is difficult to take unnecessary time out of your day to deal with complex ancillary decisions that do not pertain to your primary business focus. H2A Systems prides itself on being able to give our customers a refreshing “one-stop” experience in customer support.

Technical Specs

We are committed to help you arrive at a simple and reliable security system to offer you the peace of mind you deserve. Since H2A has engineered our technology from the ground up, we can offer you the highest quality parts, that deliver exactly what you need at extremely competitive prices. We look forward to partnering with you and help you.