Vantage 1600

The Vantage 1600 is a 16-camera system designed as a fully-integrated security solution for mid-sized office locations and large retail locations.

Vantage 1600 Includes

  • 16 Ajna 720p Hi-definition cameras
  • 16 camera mounting brackets
  • 16 vari-focal lenses
  • Enterprise-level video management software
  • Continuous multi-channel viewing
  • Installation & technical support
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Vantage 1600 Overview

This system provides the same level of top quality coverage and functionality as smaller systems, but is capable of being deployed in larger locations. The Vantage 1600 system offers a complete solution to your security needs by helping you utilize its hardware and software, while also receiving the expertise provided by our team. Our goal in providing you with this system is to give you a sense of security that every business owner requires.

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